Wine Business is in the Pink

Some recent headlines on rosé wines include: "Has Rosé Reached Its Tipping Point?" or "Rosé: Wave hits Wall?"

Has anyone asked these questions about red or white wines? Of course, not!

As the summer months progress and consumers confront walls of pink wine, rosé is settling in as a year round beverage. Of course, rosé wines come in a wide range of hues and are made from an almost infinite pool of varieties.

To me, the question is not about "too much rosé", as it is a complete category onto itself. The bigger question is the price-to-quality ratio of rosé wines. Provence in particular has escalated in pricing, and other countries and regions have also seen an uptick. Stylistically too, several trends are shifting as wineries all over the world experiment more and more with blends, oak integration and enticing packaging.

The real headline is that "Rosé Is Here To Stay". It should be viewed as a substantial, year-round category. The trend of bottling and shipping rosé in January actually can do a disservice to the wines and ultimately, to consumers, as it may compromise product quality. This feeding frenzy should abate as the rosé category nestles into our mindshare as a permanent fixture. In fact, older vintages of well made rosé wines can be very enticing, with nuanced flavors and complexity!

About the Author: Selected for the 2018 Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program, FMG's CEO Monika Elling started her career in New York's advertising and publishing sector. This led to nearly a decade of international trade and investment promotion activity, which opened doorways to the wine and spirits industry. She spent the last 17 years on the supply, import and wholesale sides of the business, previously as PR Director of the Lauber Imports Division of Southern Wines and Spirits. Monika is also President and CEO of the Paradigm Collection, a national importer of fine wines and craft spirits.